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Cycling to the island.

When we think of getting to an island, we think of flying there either directly or to a nearby airport. For the more adventurous and food minded of us, we think of driving there and stopping by places along the way for a meal. There is also the bus option, for when we want to bring heavier stuff that might cost too much for a flight. With all this modes of travel, we can get to Kuala Besut Jetty for a boat ride to Perhentian.

When it comes to taking the road less travelled, we had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Zahariz who is a passionate cyclist and youtuber. He was making his way North from Johor from his previous island visit Pulau Babi Besar when he decided to visit Pulau Perhentian. From his exploration of the island he stayed with us for some time and we were glad to share our experiences with each other. Two very different worlds with different sets of joys and challenges.

From the video you can see part of his travel and a glimpse of our project from his perspective. It was a nice experience meeting someone so passionate about something and we wish him a safe journey always.

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