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About Us

Where it all began...

Bubbles Dive Resort was established in 2004 as an eco-resort by a group of passionate individuals who are dedicated to preserving marine life and its natural habitats. Blessed with dense foliage that protects its flourishing house reef and white sandy beach, its also a nesting ground for many turtles.


Bubbles started the Turtle and Reef Conservation project in the same year and supported and funded it unconditionally for the past 20 years without any financial support from the government or corporations. In 2018, after years of effort, the Department of Fishery has officially granted Bubbles the permit to carry out turtle conservation efforts in the bay area of the resort.

Covid-19 Pandemic

Unfortunately, due to the brutal Covid-19 situation and the implementation of Malaysian Movement Control (MCO) since 2020, which has taken a toll on Bubbles and the overall tourism industry in Malaysia, Bubbles is no longer able to fund the conservation project.

Covid-19 Pandemic affects Bubbles Dive Resort
Establishment of Bubbles Turtle Conservation PLT

Bubbles Turtle Conservation PLT (BTC)

In dire straits of what has happened to the great work that Bubbles has devoted to, unexpected donations and help have emerged from different corners to allow this significant project to continue even though the resort is not operating. These kind supports and selfless acts from amazing hearts and souls inspired the establishment of BTC (Bubbles Turtle Conservation PLT). We wish to help sustain the conservation work that Bubbles and many other entities have been putting their life into.

Our Responsibility

Twenty years of devotion will not be wiped out by the pandemic because we know that this work must carry on. It is crucial to remember that the consequences of not continuing this conservation work are dire. Without continued efforts, the marine life in the natural habitats of Perhentian Besar, especially the turtles, may face the risk of extinction. As privileged individuals, it is our responsibility to protect the ocean and it’s habitat.

Release of turtle hatchlings
Bubbles Turtle Conservation Hatchery in Pulau Perhentian

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where turtles thrive and are protected. We aim to do this by raising awareness about the need for conservation and supporting eco-tourism. By doing so, we hope to promote a harmonious relationship between humans and turtles, and to ensure the preservation of these magnificent creatures for generations to come.

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