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Your contribution brings us one step closer towards a brighter future for turtles, their ecosystem and humankind!

Baby turtle released to ocean


Empower turtles and their ecosystem through your direct support as an individual sponsor, making a meaningful impact on their well-being and conservation.

Turtle hatchlings released to ocean


Showcase your organization's commitment to environmental stewardship by partnering with us as a corporate sponsor, driving conservation efforts for turtles and their crucial habitats.

Why turtles?

Turtles play a vital role in maintaining marine ecosystems and preserving the beauty of coral reefs, seagrass beds, and coastal habitats. These ecosystems not only support biodiversity but also contribute to industries like fisheries and tourism.

However, these beautiful creatures are facing critical challenges that endanger their existence, including habitat loss, illegal wildlife trade, and pollution.

Leatherback turtle endangered


 Decrease of leatherback turtle landing in

Peninsula Malaysia in the past 20+ years

To ensure the long-term sustainability of these precious ecosystems and secure resources for future generations, we need ongoing conservation efforts.

How will your sponsorship help us ?

Funds collected are essential to keep the project running and will be used to cover the following:

Land rent


project site




Food, accommodation,

and facilities




Salaries for

essential team members

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