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Bubbles Turtle Conservation Experiential Program


Experience Conservation Work

Curious about the life of a conservationist?

Eager to work with turtles firsthand?

Discover it all through our immersive program.

Join us and experience the world of turtle conservation.

Volunteers on the team
clearing the ropes
Quick stop with the project

Experiential Programme

Duration: 6 Days 5 Nights (Sunday to Friday)

Price: RM1100/pax (Low Season), RM1300/pax (Mid Season), RM1500/pax (Peak Season)

All prices subject to 8% tax

Click here for price and dates


Return speedboat transfer (between Kuala Besut and Bubbles Turtle Conservation)

5 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches, 5 Dinners + Drinking water

5 nights accommodation (quad share, unisex dormitory, fan room)

Participation in Bubbles Turtle Conservation Project

3 specialized environmental education workshops

Participation in an online conservation project

E-certificate of participation


Marine Park Fee

Besut District Council Fee

Sales & Service Tax 8%

Kota Bharu airport transfer

Other expenses not mentioned above

Who is eligible to participate?

The programme involves physically demanding outdoor activities and nightly patrols till the wee hours,

so participation is recommended for individuals between 18 and 59 years old.

Children and teenagers aged 6 to 17 can participate with the presence of a parent or legal guardian.

Adults aged 60 years and above must obtain medical clearance from a doctor to participate. 

Turtle Conservation

Heart of the Programme


Embarking on the path of turtle conservation is an endeavor that requires unwavering dedication and a passionate spirit. At our programme, you will delve into the rewarding yet challenging work that lies ahead.

Hatchery maintenance
Hatchery Maintenance

Hatchery Maintenance

The maintenance of the hatchery is essential, given the environmental wear and tear it endures. This safe haven provides a nurturing space for hatchlings, preparing them to embark on their incredible journey despite the challenging elements of their environment.

Turtle Talk

As an active participant, you will familiarize yourself with the material for turtle talks, empowering yourself to spread the message of turtle conservation far and wide.

Turtle Talk
Turtle Talk
Night beach patrol sky

Beach Patrols

You will partake in night patrols, occasionally under a starlit sky, where you will acquire invaluable knowledge by identifying mother turtles, gathering vital data, carefully relocating delicate eggs, and experiencing the awe-inspiring moment when baby turtles are released into their natural habitat.

Turtle egg count
Collecting data for nesting mother turtle
Orientation for witnessing nesting and hatchlings
Turtle egg count

Beach Clean

By participating in beach clean-ups, you actively contribute to the preservation of these sacred nesting grounds, providing the mother turtles a clean and safe environment as they undergo the demanding process of nesting.

Beach clean
Beach clean

Turtle Conservation Season

What to expect?

Turtle Conservation Season


As part of this immersive programme, you will engage in three workshops designed to deepen your understanding of the local ecosystem and ways to appreciate nature without causing disruption.

Water safety, snorkeling and skin diving basics

Workshop 1

Water Safety, Snorkeling & Skin Diving Basics

Emphasizing the importance of safety in enjoying the natural environment, the workshop will cover topics such as buoyancy control, the proper use of equipment like masks and snorkels, and even introduce participants to introductory techniques in skin diving.

Turtle Nesting Habitat Workshop


Workshop 2

Turtle Nesting Habitat

The shoreline ecosystem is the nesting location for sea turtles. Trees impact the soil and sand, and their root network partially prevents beach erosion, providing suitable nesting ground. Many creatures call this habitat home, from small shoreline crabs to large monitor lizards.

Shore Reef Exploration Workshop


Workshop 3

Shore Reef Exploration

Using skills learned in Workshop 1, you will learn about the coral reef and its inhabitants, ranging from small barnacles and sea stars to fish of different shapes and colours. The workshop offers an opportunity to explore and learn about the diverse marine life residing in the coral reef.

Rest & Recreational Activities

Your only free time will be in the mornings, recreational activities such as paddleboarding, snorkel tours, scuba diving, hiking, and hammocking are available. Note that availability for snorkeling tours and scuba diving are subject to our dive center's availability. 

Bubbles Dive Resort Hiking
Bubbles Dive Resort Snorkeling
Bubbles Resort Diving
Bubbles Dive Resort Hammock
Bubbles Dive Resort Paddleboarding

Raising Awareness Online

As part of the programme, we encourage you to share your experiences and raise awareness about our turtle conservation efforts by creating captivating online content.

Example of video content by one of the participant


Each room comes with two bunk beds, a fan and an attached bathroom with hot water shower to ensure your basic comfort during your stay. It will be your responsibility to help maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of the room. As you will be sharing room with other participants, don't hesitate to socialize with your team mates and make new friends!

Turtle Conservation Experiential Program Accommodation
Turtle Conservation Experiential Program Accommodation
Turtle Conservation Experiential Program Accommodation



American Buffet


Individual Meals

(Depending on menu of the day)



(Includes vegetables, protein, fruits, dessert)

BBQ Chicken and Mantou at Bubbles Dive Resort
Ayam Rendang with Nasi Lemak at Bubbles Dive Resort
Turtle Conservation Experiential Program Participants with Certification

What do you get out of this programme?

  • E-participate certificate

  • Lifetime experience working in conservation

  • Practical skills such as data collection, water safety, habitat assessment

  • Opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and learn about local ecosystem

  • Meeting like minded people

How would you be contributing?

  • RM300 of your participation fee will be donated to conservation efforts

  • Providing manpower 

  • Raising awareness about turtle conservation

  • Assisting with the maintenance of the turtle habitat to create optimal conditions for the well being of turtles

Baby turtle heading back to sea

What our participants say...



"By chance, I discovered the program I was exposed to knowledge about sea turtles that I didn't know of ordinary times. This is a very meaningful activity. I was also very happy to meet a group of enthusiastic staff who explained patiently."

Join us now!

  1. Check for available dates and price

  2. Sign up by clicking the "Register" button

  3. Pay deposit to secure your spot

  4. Download and read the following documents before you embark on this lifetime experience!

Email us at if you have any questions!

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