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Turtle Conservation

We believe that humans and turtles can live in harmony, by maintaining and protecting turtles' natural habitats.

At Bubbles Turtle Conservation PLT, we protect and preserve endangered sea turtles through research, education and sustainable practices. We aim to make a real difference in the lives of these incredible creatures and the health of our oceans. 

Education & Outreach

Conservation Work

Upcoming Events

Stop by to say Hi at our upcoming events, or stay up to date with our promotional campaigns!

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Experience the work of a turtle conservationist through our 6 days 5 nights program!

Join Us

Whether you desire to immerse yourself as a conservationist for a week, gain valuable field experience as an intern before pursuing your studies, or aspire to become a conservationist with us, we invite you to join our team.

Experience and volunteer in Bubbles Turtle Conservation Experiential Program


6 days 5 nights experiential programme for a glimpse of the conservation world.

Join Bubbles Turtle Conservation Internship Program


Get 2-3 months worth of field work experience in the turtle conservation field.

Become a facilitator for Bubbles Turtle Conservation


Develop your career in the turtle conservation field for the season (6-7 months).

Fund Us

Support our cause today by becoming a sponsor and contribute towards the ongoing operational costs, ensuring a brighter future for the turtles and the ocean.

Fund, donate or sponsor Bubbles Turtle Conservation

One-Time Sponsor

One time off sponsorship for individuals who are keen to help.

Corporate Sponsorship

Fulfill your CSR by supporting a cause that you care. 

Yearly Sponsor

Become a long-term sponsor and stay connected with us.

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