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Bubbles Turtle Conservation


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We plan to keep the project going to maintain this beach as a safe nesting area for the sea turtles.


The team stationed here will do their best to maintain the suitability of this beach as a nesting ground for sea turtles. The work includes keeping the beach peaceful, providing information through education to guests who come here, and to monitor the progress of the project through gathering data. 


Our Work

Education & Outreach

Part of the project that involves sharing the information and knowledge we've learnt. Turtle talk are conducted for guests who are interested to learn more about sea turtles and conservation to raise the awareness among the general public. 


We are based at Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu but we also head out to schools and education groups who invite us over to give our presentations. Contact us here for more information.

Conservation work

Part of our work here is keeping the beach dark and peaceful to provide a safe nesting area for nesting turtles to land.

Night patrols are also conducted to look for the nesting turtles. Their nests are then relocated to our hatchery to ensure that the eggs are protected from predators. 

Where we're based

Bubbles Turtle Conservation is based on a tropical island on the East coast of Malaysia. We are working in collaboration with Bubbles Dive Resort on site. The location has a warm and sunny climate for most of the year and is a host to many different wildlife. Be it in the trees, the water, or on the beach there is something to look out for is you are a fan of the natural environment.

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