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  1. Turtle Work (30%)

    • Conduct beach patrols at night to monitor nesting turtles and deter disturbances.

    • Gather data on nesting turtles, including timing, size measurements, location, and egg numbers.

    • Transport turtle nests to a hatchery for safer incubation.

    • Count and release baby turtles found in the hatchery.

  2. Indoor Work (20%)

    • Enter data into spreadsheets, cataloguing facial identification photos of nesting mothers.

    • Respond to inquiries via email regarding grants, volunteering, sponsorships, and invitations.

    • Manage sponsorship records, send updates to sponsors, and provide certificates and receipts.

    • Create and share content on social media platforms to raise awareness about turtle conservation.

    • Engage in merchandising activities, such as making sea glass jewelry and managing merchandise stock.

  3. Outdoor Work (20%)

    • Build and maintain the turtle hatchery at the start and end of each season.

    • Conduct beach cleanups to remove rubbish and maintain a safe environment for turtles.

    • Sort and crush recyclable items, such as cans and plastic bottles.

    • Assist in conducting outdoor activities for volunteers, including water safety, shore ecology, and shore snorkeling.

    • Assist in delivering essential supplies like food, fuel, and materials to the island work site.

  4. Onboarding of Interns (10%)

    • Orient and train interns to perform the tasks mentioned above.

    • Review interns' performance and provide updates on their progress.

    • Assist in recruitment by reviewing applications and conducting interviews.

  5. Guidance and Care of Participants (10%)

    • Welcome and guide volunteers upon their arrival.

    • Provide guidance during scheduled activities and take care of volunteer accommodations.

    • Clear volunteer rooms after their departure.

  6. Working with Guests (10%)

    • Conduct daily turtle presentations for interested guests.

    • Engage with guests, answer their questions, and provide information about conservation work.

    • Give briefings to guests on rules and guidelines before observing nesting turtles or turtle releases.

    • Act as a guide during turtle observation, ensuring guests remain quiet and respectful.

    • Organize guest participation in activities alongside volunteers and facilitate their involvement.


7 months (one season) per year.


  • Monthly salary.

  • Complimentary food and accommodation.

  • Opportunity to work in a beautiful coastal location.

  • Complimentary participation in snorkeling or diving activities.

To Apply

Send your CV and letter of intent to Join us in making a difference in turtle conservation!

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